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Global Franchise & Brand Finance

HASB enables the international access to financing for franchise opportunities and brand expansion. This financing can be used in the target country for the following: 

· Financing for new locations (corporate or franchisee) 

· Development cycle financing (i.e. 500 new locations over 3 years) 

· Growth Capital for brand corporate needs 

· Equipment financing for bulk location rollout 

· Location acquisition financing 

· JV financing for local partnerships  


Global Strategic Partner

HASB enables you to swiftly navigate the mission critical areas such as supply chain, equipment cost and delivery, management and development, and optimized business unit performance, bringing franchise definition to your business.  Each country is different and HASB’s international team of industry leading professionals is here to channel your strategic plans into results that exceed your expectations.  Our global network of banks, funds, franchise professionals, and operational talent cultivates an environment that supports expansion.   


Accelerate Brand Growth

HASB enables accelerated expansion by delivering incremental methods as listed below. These methods are then fueled by our finance solutions, resulting in opportunity for exponential growth! 

· Designing a business model, business structure, that is financeable 

· Organic Growth (corporate stores, franchise or other) 

· Inorganic growth (acquisitions, JV, etc.) · Strategic partners in-country or master franchisee relationships  

· Portfolio Development (incorporate your brand into the portfolio of an existing company, enhancing in-country expansion)